We place a huge emphasis on safety and our passengers’ well-being is always our Number One priority.

Our application was built with safety in mind to ensure that:

  • You get in the right vehicle

  • You know where you are going

  • When to call for assistance

  • To give you peace of mind on your trip

iCab offers a cashless service, therefore the driver doesn’t face unpaid fares or needs to carry a sizeable amount of cash that might entice criminals. Once a driver accepts a trip, passengers are able to track a driver’s position and route, and communicate with their driver if necessary through real-time GPS built into the app.

A driver only learns the passenger’s destination when the fare starts. This takes care of the problem of being refused access to a taxi because the passenger wishes to travel to undesirable parts of town.

If you ever need urgent help when riding with the iCab app, you can use the in-app Emergency Button that sends a panic message to local authorities informing them of your details and location.

Safety Checks

Passengers can do the following safety checks before they enter the vehicle:

License Plate

Step 1

Match the License Plate Number.

Car Make

Step 2

Match the Car Make and Model.


Step 3

Check the Driver’s Photo to check that it matches with the driver.

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