We place a huge emphasis on the safety of both driver operators and our passengers with their well-being our number one priority. All of our drivers are registered members of the South Metered Taxi Association who is a registered member of SANTACO representing the Regulated Metered Taxi industry, which comprises of 8 regional metered taxi companies who employ approximately 1 300 metered cabs operating in South Africa.

Our driver operators undergo a rigorous selection process before they can operate under the South African Metered Taxi Association. To be a part of the iCab driver network, all vehicles and drivers would have to be members of the South African Metered Taxi Association and have to meet the minimum requirements states below.


  • The owner must ensure that all vehicles have valid Operating Licenses / Permits and annexes with clearly defined and relevant routes.
  • Vehicles older than five years do not qualify, unless inspected and approved by TaxiVoice / iCab Official or relevant Transport and Law Enforcement Authority.
  • All public passenger road transport vehicles must have a Roadworthy Certificates.
  • Valid driver’s licenses with PDP.
  • Valid Identity Document for both the owner and the driver/s.
  • All operators/owners are expected to have operating licenses / permits and must agree, together, with their drivers to be subjected to the South African Police Services (SAPS) security checks, including fingerprinting, the cost of which is borne by the operator.
  • The operators must all have cellphones with Android at their cost to enable the call center to link them with passengers.
  • No driver/s are allowed to carry firearms or dangerous weapons including explosives in their vehicles.
  • Every public passenger road transport vehicle must be fitted with a fire extinguisher at the owner’s cost.
  • Every vehicle must have first aid box.
  • Driver/s must agree to be subjected to customer service and advance driving training. No adherence to this no admission to TaxiVoice / iCab.
  • The nature and vehicle conditions, mechanical and auto body are measured in accordance with the “AA” Standards.

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