iCab is an innovative, convenient and current ride-sharing app catering specifically for the Metered Taxis in South Africa which allows you to request a ride through this modern mobile application.

With the rising demand for e-hailing platforms the South African Metered Taxi Association, who is the national organisation representing Professional Metered Cabs and smaller one man operators, recognised the need to transition into this arena to better service their customers. In pursuit to close this gap they chose to partner with Whoosh Innovations (Pty) Ltd, an Information Technology and Innovation company who helped deliver a solution to this challenge through the creation of iCab. The following meter taxi associations have chosen to partner with Whoosh Innovations (Pty) Ltd to help drive the iCab app to the market:

  • Joyful City representing Johannesburg
  • Gold City representing Ekhuruleni
  • Various associations in Tshwane

The iCab app was created with consumers in mind and boasts some of the most advanced technology to help make the process of securing and paying for a ride seamless and safe. iCab is incorporated with a high quality payment gateway that ensures that all payments made on the app are secure for every journey taken with us.


The iCab app uses a built digital facility to estimate fares electronically and communicate the estimate to passengers prior to the trip being accepted, giving the passenger the ability to accept or deny the fare charge*. Payment for the fare is then concluded at the end of the trip once the passenger has reached their desired location. Swift and simple payments are done in  the mobile application which is compatible with Android and IOS smartphone operating systems.

*Prices are subject to the type of vehicle chosen by the passenger.

Supported Card Networks with 3D Secure

We accept various payment providers


iCab currently operates in the Gauteng Area under the following districts:

  • City of Johannesburg
    • Frequent Driver Locations
  • Ekurhuleni
    • Frequent Driver Locations
  • Tshwane

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